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Semarhy Quiñones-Soto, PhD; Microbial Geneticist and Science Artist

The artwork presented here, the Chronobiologist, is a digital art piece representing a type of scientist who studies biological rhythms, internal clocks, and solar/lunar patterns.
This art piece is part of my #TypesOfScientists project aimed at increasing the visibility of women as STEM professionals. 

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What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

With this piece and the other #TypesOfScientists artworks, I celebrate the presence of women in the STEM fields. My hopes are for these visual representations of diverse women to serve as inspiration for the women who seek to pursue careers in STEM, and to serve as empowerment for the women who currently work in these fields. 

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today’s society?

The process of observation, exploration, and contemplation can be applied to both science and art. Through science, we seek to find answers to questions about our Universe. And, through art, we seek to express our feelings about the truths of our Universe. When science and art are combined, we can share unique views on some of the answers found through research and elicit reactions and understanding from the audience. 

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