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Ana C. Rivera Arroyo

I am a Puerto Rican painter and a graduate of the School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico. My work is mostly made up of watercolor paintings. I have also experimented with organic materials like flowers and spices as painting mediums. My artwork is inspired by magical realism and heavily influenced by Caribbean flora, fauna, and folklore.

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What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

I think that there's something very mystical about nature specifically in the Caribbean. I like to represent these natural spaces as something very supernatural in my artwork.

Flor de Antorcha.jpg

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today’s society?

I believe that the key similarity between science and art is that they are both means by which we observe and study the wonders of the universe. Art is a great tool that can be used to teach about science in a more approachable and visually stimulating way. It inspires other people to want to learn more about science and the natural world through the power and use of beauty.

My artwork is a fantastical representation of the Botanical Garden of Rio Piedras featuring fairy-like creatures who in my imagination inhabit these spaces. 

Flor de Antorcha(1).jpg
Flor de Antorcha(2).jpg
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