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Jack Bauer (Sci walk)

What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

My artist name is SciwalkArt, I am a PhD student in molecular biology at the University of Montreal and also a “street artist”. I leave messages on records or on abandoned furniture around the city of Montreal to engage people with science. The content of my messages is broad and often related to topics such as science funding, misinformation and climate change, or give a piece of information on a fun scientific fact. The goal is to have people who come across my pieces to realize that science is all around, and within us, and that it is a major societal and political issue. This idea transformed into a project when I witnessed how much people are disconnected from science, with the rise of conspiracy theories and movements that refuse to conform to evidence-based recommendations. The current pandemic has exacerbated these types of beliefs and as a scientist I felt that I needed to connect with the population to spread the importance of scientific research to keep our world going.

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today's society?

For me, art and science are quite indissociable. Doing scientific research is a creative process just like art. Even if you are not a scientist, thinking about science and existential questions is very philosophical and artistic to me. And art often depicts the universe in which we live in, which is made of science, everything around us is science.

Get to know the artist!

Hi! I am Jack, PhD student in molecular biology and a science communicator mainly through street art.

Get in touch!

Follow Jack on Instagram: @SciwalkArt

Behind the scenes

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