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Anthony Bennett

What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

My artwork is inspired by my thoughts about the future of our Planet. Primarily, but not exclusively, ‘The future of food’ and ‘Soil’. 5 years ago I met a soil scientist, Professor Duncan Cameron, at The University of Sheffield (UK), and my life changed. You could say that Duncan became my ‘Muse’. Since then, my appetite for forward thinking science is made manifest through my artwork

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today's society?

Before The Age of Reason/Enlightenment, the artist and the scientist were often the same person, the alchemist/philosopher/Shaman/Witch. On January 1st 1818, Mary Shelley released ‘Frankenstein’ which reflected the fears of the public concerning eighteenth century research conducted with electricity by scientists who had become ‘separated’, and were seen to be playing with untold power, playing God. This signaled the end of Alchemy. Art and science went separate ways. Science sought evidence through logic, and Art investigated ways of seeing and light, both enquiring through experiment, as far as they could possibly reach. Their aims and inspirations are very similar, if not the same. It is their methodology which differed.

Today, we face endless predicaments as to the sustainability of human life on our planet. It is time for science and culture to re-unite, to face the precipice. Language and Metrics are our tools, which we can wield, unified. We must support each other, and be valiant in the face of the ‘mob’ and reactionary forces, if the sustainability of the human race is to be won.

Get to know the artist!

My name is Anthony Bennett. I am an artist based in Sheffield, UK. My work is radical, and politically/environmentally/socially engaged. I am inspired by difficult contemporary social issues such as food security, climate change, and migration, by 'working class' socio-cultural-industrial experience, by transgressive enterprise (and neo-liberal reaction thereto). I graduated (BA Hons) in 1983. I am currently " Honorary Research Fellow for environmental advocacy at the intersection of Science and Contemporary Art", at the University of Sheffield

Get in touch!

Follow Anthony on Instagram: @absculpts and email him at

Behind the scenes

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