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"Breaking Barriers": Our 3rd Annual Science Art Exhibition

This art exhibition will be published virtually on our website in the coming weeks (link included below).

There is a diverse group of artists featuring their work in our art exhibition including many from Michigan State University, the U.S., Puerto Rico, Cambodia, the Netherlands, and more! We are very proud to be featuring the work of so many intelligent and talented graduate students, professors, engineers, epidemiologists, medical doctors, and authors. Our exhibition truly bridges the sciences with the arts. Not only are these artists creatively talented, they are leaders and incredible contributors to their respective scientific fields. We are honored to have their work as a part of our exhibition!

We are excited about our theme of “Breaking Barriers,” as it is all-encompassing and innovative. To break barriers means to improve understanding and communication between people who have differences. In these challenging times, this message is essential, especially when it comes to communicating the validity of science. Our artists challenged themselves to express this concept through a multitude of medias including videography, watercolor, microscopy, and even microbial growth on a Petri dish.

We hope you enjoy this year’s science art exhibition! To access our science art exhibition, please go to:

If you are interested in getting involved in our science art committee, please send an email to

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