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About Catalyst

It's been a challenging and unprecedented year for all of us, from the pandemic and environmental crises to incidents of racial injustices. We had originally planned for Catalyst to an in-person exhibition but for the safety of our artists and visitors, we could not do that. Instead, we've transitioned Catalyst to an entirely virtual art exhibition.

This year, Catalyst seemed an appropriate theme. In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction and allows changes that would otherwise to be slow for us to observe to happen, much like we are seeing in society now. Through this exhibition, we hope you too will experience a change. Maybe you'll learn something new, maybe you'll see science and art in a different light.

Catalyst wouldn't be possible without the many volunteers who have put their time and energy into this exhibition. Thank you all for your help!


  • Chelsie Boodoo

  • Brittany Ladson

  • Nick Young

Support, Advertising, & Logistics

  • Maddie Hintz

  • Omar Kana

  • Daniel Puentes

  • Leigh Anne Tiffany

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