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McKena Lipham

What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

I wanted to share the beauty and the diversity of a single plant species.

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today's society?

I believe scientist are artist in a sense. We must think creatively, making decisions that will result in something beautiful, something new, and something impactful. We have a lot to learn from artists, we must share our work in ways other than scientific writing, making it accessible to the public. Science-art is an amazing resource of science communication.

Get to know the artist!

Hi I am McKena Lipham, a current graduate student working with Dr. Robert VanBuren in the Horticulture department. I am an IMPACTS trainee in the Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology program here at MSU.

Get in touch!

Follow McKena on Twitter: @McKenaLWilson

Behind the scenes

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