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Luis Eduardo Castro Cera

What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

My work of art has something special and unique and it is based on the expression of nature itself, it is the inspiration of life and what some organisms want to tell us, which in most cases is sometimes incomprehensible. As a photographer I want the inspiration of nature to be known, where I only came to capture a photograph that contributes in part, to make known those rare and hidden messages.

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today's society?

In my humble opinion science allows us to get to art and this in turn results from applying science, although it is worth clarifying, it is not always like that. It is one of the paths we can take to meet the very art of nature itself, of life and of the greatness of creation. Science allows us to find those ecosystem services that are so widely talked about, enjoyed and depended on, including art.

Get to know the artist!

My name is Luis Eduardo Castro Cera, Biologist with a postgraduate degree in teaching natural sciences with an emphasis on environmental education. I am a Public Official of the University of Magdalena, Colombia, attached to the vice-rectory for research in the Directorate of Knowledge Transfer and Intellectual Property. Since 2009 I have been part of the Biodiversity and Applied Ecology research group GIBEA of the same university. Passionate about microcopical organisms, especially phytoplankton and zooplankton. Appear online: Luis Eduardo Castro Cera (LECC)

Get in touch!

Follow Luis on Instagram: @fitoplanctologo2015

Behind the scenes

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