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Jacob Steenwyk

What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

My mission and inspiration is to celebrate the beauty and diversity of lifeforms on Earth while also raising awareness of endangered species and supporting the conservation of our planet. To this end, I sell these and other portraits on posters, stickers, and mugs and redirect 100% of profits toward global conservation, science, education, and management of wildlife parks. Check out more portraits at my SciArt shop!

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today's society?

The benefits of combining the arts and sciences have been recognized by various institutions. For example, K-12 schools have integrated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) into their curriculum. In higher education, forward-thinking coalitions of artists, designers, and researchers have leveraged the totality of the arts and sciences to promote experimentation and innovation across disciplines. These efforts benefit the arts and sciences alike and foster broad community engagement in both fields.

Get to know the artist!

Jacob L. Steenwyk is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute James H. Gilliam fellow and PhD candidate at Vanderbilt University. Steenwyk has eclectic interests spanning the sciences and arts including music, graphic art, and poetry. His scientific work blends the fields of computer science and evolution to better understand the evolution of fungi.

Beyond research and the arts, I aim to make education more accessible, promote diversity and inclusion, as well as build a bridge between scientists and the public.

Get in touch!

Get connected to Jacob L. Steenwyk on Twitter: @jlsteenwyk!  Or get more information from his personal website

Behind the scenes

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