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Elena Gonzalez Garcia

What was the inspiration behind your artwork?

Mothers day was getting closer and I still didn’t had a present for my mother. She loves to read, so I figured that a personalized bookmark was a great gift. I sat at my computer and found a webpage where you can send pictures or logos and they print it on bookmarks, cups, mouse pads, t-shirts and all kinds of printable materials. A very cute silhouette of her and my cat seemed like a very nice design for a bookmark, thus I decided to send it and see what came out. For my surprise, while completing the checkout I realized they didn’t ship to Puerto Rico. Due to this, I started looking for other online stores but none made bookmarks. Because of the pandemic I didn’t want to visit the local stores and even if I wanted to, they were all closed. Then I figured, why not grab some recycled materials and paint it myself. My mom loved it. I shared it on my Instagram, and someone suggested that it was a good idea to make more and sell them. Following the advice, I opened an Instagram page and started selling personalized bookmarks. All earnings go into a savings account and will be used to cover some of my graduate studies expenses. That’s the story behind “De La Margarita Arte”. In conclusion, my mom inspired me.

What do you see as the similarity between science and art? Why is science-art important in today's society?

Simple, science is art and the other way around. - I believe that art is part of every country’s culture and history. What is more important for a country than the preservation of all it’s cultural habits? How did we learned our history? Through the art of writing, drawing, and painting. And for today’s society, it is imperative that we give space for artists to evolve since they are the guardians of making sure our history prevails.

Get to know the artist!

Hello! My name is Elena González-García. I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in 2019 and I am currently a student at the University of Navarra in Spain. This year I will complete a master's degree in Biomedical Research with a specialty in Neuroscience. Science is not the only thing I like to do. I love to draw and paint bookmarks. This way I can encourage people to read more books as this is a way in which we can exercise our brains to keep them healthy and strong.

Get in touch!

Follow Elena on Instagram: @delamargaritarte

Behind the scenes

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