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Chelsie Boodoo
Vice President
Lexi Rogien
Daniel Puentes
Kylie Smith
Programs Chair
Linnea Vicari
Science Art Chair
Noelia Bravo
Science Writing Chair
Nick Young
Science Speaking Chair
Anthony Van Witsen
Science Policy Chair
Vanessa Garcia Polanco
Volunteering Chair
Lili Gloe
Organizational Liaison
Omar Kanada
Social Media/Marketing Chair
Maddy Hintz
Web Developer/Graphic Design Intern
Ashley Borowiak
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Members will have exclusive access to private events, discussions, and Scicomm gear. Our team works together to organize events, educate people, and make a difference with science communication. $15.75 Annual Membership via PayPal, $15.00 in person, or $15.00 on Venmo @msuscicomm 

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Science Speaking Chair

Anthony Van Witsen